Register a self-managed activity

Activities, which will be held from August 10 to 12, are self-managed by organizations or co-operatives. Self-managed activities can take many forms: round table, conference, debate on controversial topics, discussion workshop, artistic performance, cultural activities or convergence assemblies.

Important: the deadline for submitting new activities to the WSF2016 has passed (June 16, 2016). Only Convergence Assemblies and new activities held outside the WSF dates in Montreal or outside Montreal are still accepted.

activite_ENHow to submit an activity in the programming  

The self-managed activity registration form is accessible only on the pages of organizations. We highly recommend that you read the information below before proceeding with registration.

What is a self-managed activity?

A self-managed activity is an activity registered in the programming of the WSF by an organization or a group. The self-managed activities must respect the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum. The WSF 2016 Collective reserves the right to refuse any activity that does not respect the Charter of Principles. The self-managed activities can take many forms: round table conference, controversy table discussion, workshop, art performanc / cultural activities, convergence meeting, etc.

What is a convergence assembly?

A convergence assembly is an activity that allows organizations working on a theme or a common challenge to build alliances and work together to propose a joint statement, actions or initiatives within the WSF.

These assemblies must be proposed by coalitions of at least 5 organizations coming from 2 continents.

Are artistic performances considered self-managed activities?

Yes, and therefore the artistic activities must be registered by filling out the same form as any other type of activity. Please note that artistic activities can also be agglutinated according to the process described below with activities of another type.

How many activities can an organization register?

An organization can register a maximum of 3 self-organized activities.

Until when will it be possible to register a self-managed activity?

Register your activities before May 15th, 2016. Last chance: June 15th (after that, you won’t be in the program)

Is there a cost to register self-managed activities for the WSF 2016?

No, the registration of self-managed activities is free. An interpretation fee may apply if you are interested in this service.

Who can register a self-managed activity at the WSF 2016?

Only an organization / group registered at the WSF can register a self-managed activity. This is why the self-managed activity registration form is accessible only on the pages of organizations.

How to access the self-managed activity registration form?

First go to the page of your organization. In the menu under the description of your organization, click “Activities”, and then the “Add New” button for the self-managed activity registration form to appear.

Can we ask that our activities be programmed in a chronological order?

Yes, but the order requested is not guaranteed. The programming working group will do its best to respect it. Each activity must still be registered independently. To indicate a chronological order, the title of each activity must be followed by a reference format: “Part 1 of 3”.

What does “organization responsible for a self-managed activity” mean?

This refers to the organization that registers the activity. The field “Responsible organization” in the self-managed activity registration form will offer a drop-down list of organizations. This list will include only the ones that the person completing the form administers.

Can several organizations co-host the same activity?

Yes, the registration form can identify other organizations that will co-host the activity, but only the organization responsible for the activity can edit or delete it.

In what language(s) do the title and description of the activity need to be written?

Organizations must register their activity in the language or languages in which the activity will be facilitated. For example, if an organization is  considering to lead an activity in French, it can write its title and description in French only. However, if it plans to conduct its activity in several languages, it should write the title and description of the activity in the various languages that will be used to present it, each separated by a hyphen.

Can organizations register activities that will take place outside of Montreal?

Yes, these activities fall within the scope of the extended programming offered by the WSF 2016. Information on the extension process.

Can organizations register activities that will take place in Montreal but outside the dates of the WSF?

Yes, provided that these activities meet the conditions described above.

Will registered activities appear immediately on the website?

No. All listed activities must be approved by the Program Working Group before being posted on the site. Note that when an activity is modified, it disappears from the site and must be re-approved in order to reappear. Therefore, if you want your activity to always be visible, avoid changes as most as possible.

Once a self-managed activity is registered, can it be modified or cancelled?

Yes, the activity may be modified or cancelled on the page of the responsible organization by its administrator.

What is the confirmation process?

The confirmation is the final step in validating the content of the self-organized activities. The confirmation period of self-managed activities will end about a month prior to the WSF to allow time to build the program. A check box to confirm the activity will be made available in the activity’s editing page. Therefore, only the activities that have previously been confirmed by their administrators will be scheduled. As soon as an organization has confirmed its activity, it can not change or delete it other than by calling the Programming Working Group.

What is the agglutination process?

It is a process that allows to “merge” similar activities. This process can be initiated either by the organizations that have registered similar activitie or suggested by the Programming Working Group. To initiate an agglutination, the person responsible for an activity can communicate directly with the person responsible for a similar event using the private messaging system for participants available on the website. If there is an agreement, one of the activities is kept and modified, and the other is deleted.

Can I agglunate my activity with an artist for the Forum?

The World Social Creativity committee invites you to associate yourselves with one or more artists who will work with you in artistically interpreting the messages and issues at stake in your discussions (exhibitions, musical presentations, theatrical or dance performances, etc.). With them, you will have the possibility to share your message and to discuss the development of their creative process.

It is with the desire to see artists integrated into the middle of the WSF that we invite you to consult our Organization section to find out artists or artistic groups with which you would like to be partnered.