WSF 2016 Collective

We are an open collective initiated by a dozen people involved in various activist networks and organizationscommunity groups, cultural spaces and academics. This collective launched a consultative Meeting on 5 May 2013, in orderto broaden the discussion on the relevance and feasibility of a World Social Forum in Montreal.We have begun a process of reflection and started making contacts, but firmly believe that the idea of the World Social Forum should be supported by a wide community.

We are inspired by the desire to multiply spaces that promote horizontality, transparency and openness, perceiving them as levers in the struggle for human dignity and the environment.We are aware of various challenges that surround the holding of a World Social Forum inMontreal. But are also very excited about the idea of seeing the Quebec, regional and global civil society engage in dialogue and reach multiple consensus through the process of the World Social Forum, and believe in the potential of the contribution of Quebecers in this process and how it could help global struggles for social and environmental justice.

It is a working group open to all who want to be actively involved in organizing the World social forum.

What does the WSF 2016 Collective do ?

Its mandate is to take care of the general conceptualization and the coordination of the global process of the organization of the WSF 2016. The collective develops an innovating methodology, founded on the respect of the principle of horizontality, which gives the WSF 2016 in Montreal its originality. It ensures the right coordination of global tasks realized by each working group.

  • Position itself on the great stages ahead
  • Organize consultations on important points of the organizational process
  • Follow up with the international council and international organizations.
  • Clarify the decision-making process
  • Organize online workshop
  • Validate partnership
  • Validate operating costs
  • Oversight of the administrative structuration of the Collective

The facilitation collective meeting is open to all working group contributors . It takes place every Wednesday, around 7h30 PM. These meetings are or their participants an occasion to share the fruit of their labor, to have their group get new mandates, and raise up specific points connected with facilitation.

Organizational Structure of the WSF Collective

schéma organigramme

Get involved in a WSF 2016 Working group or autonomous committee (thematic or geographical) !

Constitutive Charter of WSF2016 – inglés (PDF)

Presentation Document