Become a Volunteer

Group of volunteers
At the demonstration “Avec nous dans la rue, pour les services publics!”

During the event

A successful WSF 2016 is based on the actions of thousands of volunteers to inform and support participants.

Below you will find the various teams that you could participate in:
● Welcoming and registering participants
● Communications (traduction, documentation, extension)
● Security
● Logistics (programming, installing, technical support, eco­friendly brigade and food)
● Accessibility for participants with special needs and reduced mobility
● Team leader

Please note that, in order to be a part of the team of volunteers for the World Social Forum 2016, you must possess a valid Canadian residence permit and be 16 years of age or over. For regular volunteers, your involvement could begin as of August 8 th and last until August 15 th .
In addition, we will propose a schedule in order to adapt to your availability.
To apply for this opportunity, all you have to do is fill out the application form here:

We are also looking for dynamic people who would be interested in being in charge of a small team of volunteers during the actual event itself. If this interests you, we invite you to contact us by e­mail with the subject line “Responsable” at [email protected]

To become part of the volunteer community, join us on our Facebook page.

Before the Event

You wish to get involved as of now in the preparation process of the forum in Montreal and everywhere in the world?

Whether you are in connection with organizations or not, the mission of welcoming WG is to meet with you, inform you and direct you to relevant interlocutors involved in the WSF process in 2016.

Contact [email protected]

With this document we establish a monitoring and invite you to information meetings and festive welcoming activities.


Information Encounters in Montreal

Each month, we conduct information sessions in Montreal.

We invite people who filled the form and live in Montreal or in a surrounding area. It is not necessary to be invited beforehand to come.

These meetings last 60 minutes and take place in various locations.

We present a summary of the WSF’s initiative, history, various challenges, etc.. They are an opportunity to discuss informally and why not … have fun at the end !

Here is the link to the places, dates and times of upcoming sessions


International Information Encounters on skype

Every month we organize international Skype sessions

We invite people who responded to the implication form and who do not live in Montreal to contact our Skype account.

We include these persons in a “Skype Circle”: “My country and WSF 2016“. These exist in ten countries.

Everyone can contribute to widen a circle by sending the form around one’s networks.

The circle is also a beautiful place to meet people who are closely interested in the WSF 2016, and to discuss about the possibilities of involvement and the intentions of each one of us.

Contact us :

[email protected]

Skype Us: