Photos des Pamphlets FSM 2016 sur une table lors du Left Forum

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Graphic Charter

First of all, make sure to check our graphic charter in order to properly use the WSF logo.
*You can reuse the shape, but you cannot add a symbol to it. We want to keep our logo neutral so it can be used in any circumstance and for it not to be confusing or favour one issue over the other.

Download our graphic charter


fsm2016_logo_g_enRed logo with white

LOGO_N_ENBlack Logos with white background (Fr.En.Sp.).zip

LOGO_B_ENWhite Logos with white background (Fr.En.Sp).zip (On a colored background only)

LOGO_RÉDUIT_RSmall Logos white background (Red, Black, White).zip

Useful Text

What is the World Social Forum ?
Created in 2001, in Brazil, the World Social Forum (WSF) is the biggest civil society gathering aiming to find solutions to contemporary issues, by establishing practical alternatives to the neoliberal economic model and politics founded on human beings and nature’s exploitation.
The WSF is a place of convergence for all social movements. It is a place of free speech, citizen exchange, artistic manifestation, revendication and inspiration. It creates concrete commitments and provokes the elaboration of strategies of action in network. Its aim: building together, in an impetus of international solidarity, a better world based on social and environmental justice, social and supportive economy, participative democracy and the acknowledgement of equal dignity of all human beings.
The WSF 2016 will make history as the first one of its kind to be held in a “Northern” country. In light of the global crisis affecting all of humanity, it is crucial that we surpass the cleavages persisting and to invite movements and actors of solutions from all continents to act together.






French Brochure to print at home

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French Brochure to print professionally

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