Call to create a logo for the CTSM !

29 December 2017

The Collective for a Global Social Transition (CTSM) is looking for a logo that reflects its identity and is appealing to you to create it.

CAMH aims to move from a world that jeopardizes social and environmental balances, deepens inequalities and fuels hate speech that is a source of withdrawal and conflict, towards a world of solidarity that respects the limits of the planet and the human being.

More specifically, in the continuity of its action in the social forums process and in accordance with the spirit of the WSF Charter of Principles, the CTSM mission is to contribute to the creation, consolidation and convergence of networks civil society from the local to the global, in order to make a transition towards a just, united and ecological world. The CTSM wishes to encourage the creation of spaces to stimulate the emergence of networks of practices that develop concrete and potential solutions to the problems of our time.

The Participation Process:

  • Submission of proposals: send them to [email protected] or CTSM Facebook page in private message.
  • Date: January 26, 2018

  • Choice of 3 favorites: the proposed logos will be emailed to all members of the collective to identify the favorites (maximum 3 without order of priority).
  • Date: During the week of January 29, 2018. One week will be left to the members to choose.

  • Final choice: The 3 favorite logos will be presented at a CTSM meeting to which everyone will be invited and during which the final choice will be made.
  • Date: Meeting of February 19, 2018

To inspire you !

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Let your creativity !