Create an initiative

  • What is a WSF 2016 action initiative?

An initiative is a collective action that contributes to societal change. Examples: a campaign, a local, national or international action plan, a project, a declaration, a fight, resistance, an alternative, a flash-mob, others…

  • Who can register an initiative on site?

All registered participants can register an initiative on the WSF 2016 territory.

To announce an initiative, the participant must fill out the form available by clicking the button at the end of this page. However, the working group responsible of the program allows itself to remove any initiative that is inappropriate or contrary to the WSF Charter.

  • What purpose do these initiatives serve?

The initiatives make it possible to move from words to action. They give participants of the WSF 2016 the opportunity to commit themselves to campaigns and actions that are held by groups, movements and coalitions of organizations. These initiatives are made public on the WSF 2016 website, and then presented and discussed during the assemblies of convergence. Finally, they will be shared during the final moment of the WSF 2016, the Agora of Initiatives for Another World. The key dates put forward by the initiatives will be indicated on the calendar of social global actions.

Create an initiative