Register an organization or a collective

Register an organization

You may access directly to the registration form for an organization by clicking on the button above. However, we still wish to advise you to read carefully the information below before registering your organization.

Why should you register an organization at the WSF 2016?

This would allow you to subscribe to some of the activities that are included in the programming of the WSF 2016. We kindly remind you that only organizations can subscribe for activities shown in our programming (for further information on this specific question, please contact the WG of programming at :

Furthermore, if an organization does not plan on presenting any activity, but its delegates are participating to the WSF 2016, they can also register their organization on our website. By doing so, it offers a great visibility to your organization at the WSF 2016; your organization will be known by all participants, and it allows you to exchange with all the users of our website.

What type of organizations are entitled to register for the WSF ?

All types of organizations that respect the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum are entitled to register online and participate to the WSF 2016. The Charter mentions among other principles that the World Social Forum is a secular, nongovernmental, non-partisan space, and that neither political parties, nor military organizations are allowed to participate as a registered organization to the WSF.

The WSF 2016 Collective reserves the right to refuse any organization that does not respect the Charter of principles.

Can a group of individuals register as an organization, even though this group is not formally founded?

Yes, because the WSF intends to support all collective initiatives that have a potential for social change. These groups must however register as an organization if they wish to subscribe for an activity at the WSF 2016. In the case of these non-formally and non-legally founded group, we suggest to use the title “Collective – name of the collective” while going through the registration process on our website.

Who can register an organization?

In order to register an organization for the WSF 2016, it is necessary to be already registered as an individual participant on our website. The person who registers an organization must first be authorized by their organization before registering it. Once the organization is registered, this authorized person automatically becomes the administrator of the page of its organization. This person can modify the information, publish news in the Journal, etc. The administrator can later assign another participant (who is already subscribed as a user on the WSF 2016 website) as a co-administrator for the page of this organization.

Can artists register as an organization if they wish to present an activity within the WSF gathering event?

Yes. Any artist who wishes to either perform or to showcase their work as an independent artist within the WSF 2016 gathering event, or whether to join a self-organized activity other than artistic that will be presented by another organization, must register as an organization at the WSF 2016. Even if the artist is acting independently, they are required to first subscribe as a participant and then register as an organization at the WSF 2016. In order to simplify the recognition of artists among organization registrations, we highly recommend that artists precede their name by the word “Artist” (ex.: “Artist – John McDonald” for an individual or “Artist – Theater folks XWP” for a group).

How can we add an image (logo or other) to our organization’s page?

In the main menu of your organization’s page previously created, click on the “Manage” button, then on the “Photo” button on the bottom line of the menu. This will give you access to a function that will allow you to search for an image and add it to your organization’s page.

Instructions on some of the registration form fields for organizations

Some of the form fields are mandatory, and others are optional. Please make sure that all of the fields that are mandatory are properly completed.
Regarding your question relative to the stand rental during the event, this will allow us to evaluate the number of stands that are required on the world social Territory. The payment for renting a stand can only be made online through our website. This online payment option will be available on the WSF website in the following weeks. As for the payment method, a credit card is required.