Our Commitments

The WSF 2016 Collective is working in collaboration with several organizations, collectives and individuals. We are thereby creating, together, a cooperative projective where all can find themselves.

Thus, the WSF 2016 Collective shares awareness tools that come from teams or self-managed committees, as well as committing itself to respect the different criteria of these tools.


Charter of Accessibility : will be available soon

Click here to know the accommodations,  accessibility of the places, accommodation for participants and available transport.


Charter of Eco-responsability will be available soon
Carbon compensation in collaboration with Arbre-Évolution

Logo de Non Apartheid Non Apartheid

The WSF collective strongly respects the Charter of Principles of the WSF. In that sense, we have already taken a stand to exclude all people, organizations or activities that promote any kind of oppression, supporting Palestinians and all the people struggling for their emancipation and freedom. This is why our Logistics and Program teams are open to all those that want to contribute to the respect of the Charter of Principles for the WSF 2016, and we actually encourage many different groups to participate to this effort.

Safe SpaceLGBT Pictogram

The Charter of Safe Space  and the 7 safe rules.