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For the first time the WSF  is working with a crowdfunding platform to help support participation  for the great WSF gathering this summer 2016 in Montréal.

Discover below this device created in partnership with Ulule and submit your project if you are persuaded of its compatibility with crowdfunding logic. Ulule and the FSM team will be available to answer your questions !  

The originality that we bring in the use of the crowdfunding platform for the WSF 2016 lies in the application of the principle of the just distribution of resources between all agents of change across the world. Traditionally, in this kind of platform, a project that does not reach its funding goals loses everything it has received by the end of the campaign, whereas a project that exceeds its objectives keeps its extra donations. However, this will not be the case with the crowdfunding platform for the WSF 2016. All those who will exceed the funding goal set at the beginning of their campaign will have their extra funds distributed amongst other projects to allow such projects to reach their own objectives. It is a concrete action that allows us to put in action our principles of solidarity.

Crowdfunding vector concept with man collecting money in box

This platform is a virtual tool that will help you (an individual or a group of people from around the world) to circulate your WSF participation project in your community and extended network and secondly with the WSF contribactors.

IMPORTANT:  This is not a call for project nor a grant. The WSF acts as a help to circulate your participation project.

15th May 2016 – Deadline for precets registration  on the crowdfunding   plateform proposed by WSF 

8th June  2016: End of the broadcasting of your participation project on our website.

 Do you have the keys of success for your project?

  • Do you have the time to develop and improve your project ?
  • Are you able to assess a realistic budget to achieve it ?
  • Do you know what networks to seek to present your project ?
  • Can you share your project with your community ?

If so, we invite you to start your project participation!

Exemple of   participation project :

Who can help you in this procedure?

The crowdfunding team 

  • Answers questions
  • Facilitates with English, French and Spanish translation
  • Conduct a communication campaign for the projects received that starts the 15th of March and ends June 1st.

The Ulule team

  • Help with the project conception and its setting online on the platform.
  • Answers technical questions about the usage of the platform.

How to proceed?

Stages and actors

Step 1:  I create my project idea to participate in the WSF

As project leader, everything starts with a reflection on the reasons for your participation in the WSF 2016. These must necessarily be linked to actions or projects you already lead or want to implement in your community. If you can answer these questions, then your reflection is sufficiently advanced and you can start writing your project!

  • Why do you want to participate in the WSF 2016?
  • What do you already engaged in to change the future of your community and possibly humanity?
  • How will your participation in the WSF 2016 allow you to enhance your social environment and achieve your local and global transformation goals?
  • What is the required minimum budget that I need to complete this project?
  • What networks can you reach to solicit money ?

Step 2: I inform the WSF crowdfunding team of my project

Inform us about your wish to pursuit crowdfunding to participate in the WSF 2016 and forward us your draft document to the following address

Step 3: I register my project on the Ulule platform

Join the Ulule platform and submit your project by following the recommendations of the Ulule team (6 basic principles for happy project leader: Your project will be validated within 48 hours.

Note: at this stage, the Ulule team can offer you support for all technical details in order to present your project effectively on the website.  

Step 4: I share my project around me

The project will be distributed on our networks. Also, a page on the WSF website will be dedicated to the participation projects. This page will be our official communication platform for the projects, the page will be shared within the FSM community to encourage our partners to fund the projects.

However, it is the project’s leader’s responsibility to promote its project within its own networks and to build and lead a contrib-actors solidarity community who wish to see your dream come true!