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    Actif il y a 4 ans et 6 mois

    Social Ecology advocates a reconstructive and transformative outlook on social and environmental issues, and promotes a directly democratic, confederal politics. Social Ecology envisions a moral economy that moves beyond scarcity and hierarchy, toward a world that reharmonizes human communities with the natural world, while celebrating diversity, creativity and freedom.

    Historically, the Institute for Social Ecology has been a pioneer in the exploration of ecological approaches to food production, alternative technologies, and urban design, and has played an essential, catalytic role in movements to challenge nuclear power, global injustices and unsustainable biotechnologies, while building participatory, community-based alternatives. The Institute strives to be an agent of social transformation, demonstrating the skills, ideas and relationships that can nurture vibrant, self-governed, healthy communities.

    It is our core belief that the human potential to play a creative role in natural and social evolution can be realized, thereby allowing us to foster communities free from hierarchy, social inequity, and ecological degradation. The Institute is committed to the central importance of an anti-authoritarian, ecological, and utopian vision for our time. We seek to implement direct democracy in our communities, and ground our practical work in a coherent body of political, ecological, and ethical principles.

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    Actif il y a 4 ans et 6 mois

    Operation Kindness is a global family of activists, communities and grass roots campaigns. Our purpose is to imagine, articulate, implement and actualize alternatives to neoliberal globalization based upon kindness, altruism and love, which deliver:

    • Environmental sustainability
    • Equality of access to resources and opportunities
    • Restorative and redistributive justice
    • Universal access to legal rights
    • Genuine participatory democracy

    We choose kindness and love as a frame of reference within which a visionary set of transformations will occur, resulting in principled and non-violent revolutionary social change.

    Our principles of solidarity can be expressed through the concept of Ubuntu, best described through the Nguini proverb ‘Umuntu ngu-umuntu ngobantu’ meaning ‘I am because we are’. This sense of collective solidarity is expressed through love, caring, tolerance, respect, empathy, accountability and responsibility.

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    Actif il y a 4 ans et 6 mois

    Documenting and illustrating key ideas and practices of the commons movement!
    Documenter et illustrer les idées et pratiques entourant la question des biens communs !

    Please find the whole program of activities of the Commons Space at

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    Actif il y a 4 ans et 6 mois

    TRISE is a transnational network of intellectual activists founded in 2013. We seek to be a pan-European resource to all those concerned with the democratization of democracy. Our aim is to work across the entire Urban Question with both ecology and the development of urbanization as our main interests. Our activities are focused on research, education and training.

    We organize seminars, workshops and conferences, including training sessions of social ecology school and educational announcements on interest as well as public forums dealing with an extensive range of urban issues. The ‘Right to the City’ for all citizens becomes a fundamental transforming goal for us. To this end TRISE is also calling for partnership with civil society, as a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

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    Actif il y a 4 ans et 6 mois

    To build support and unity between struggles for national liberation with a focus on Ireland Latin America and here on Turtle Island. We are an Affiliate of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Ireland and a member organization of the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front. The 32CSM is a political pressure group in Ireland aimed to achieve Irish unification and independence and the HCPDF is a Latin American Solidarity Group that supports the Bolivarian process taking place in Latin America.

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