Eric Kamta Ngassam

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    Strengthen Africa’s influence, image, reputation and relationships internationally by promoting a clear, creative and confident vision for Africa’s international policy agenda that reflects our various core national interests and improves local understanding of ACEC’s role.

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    The maintenance of sustainable peace and development among African nations and integration of peace permanently in the minds of African youths, so that development can finally visit and definitely live in Africa. Work out the spirit of violence to be driven out of the minds of the African youths in favour of peaceful and fraternal spirit. For the establishment of the unity and cohesion of the African youth can finally stop violence in all forms in Africa. And that there’s peace and development are effective. ARMPA in itself, is a group of consultation and cooperation between the youth of each country and of all African countries, like wise gather all young people aware of age and or spirit to a great and inviting them to develop the moral and civic qualities and give up delinquency

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