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    Association COMMUNICARE raise again its call for the organization of a “Sustainable World Social Forum” to enable every “human person” to participate in the “construction of an inclusive and supportive world”. This forum is feasible with currently available means. It is possible and necessary to start with the “construction of the human person” that can participate effectively to the construction of “Another World”, in which people can express themselves freely, debate and act effectively to live with dignity in peace, security and economic, political cultural and social justice.
    Another human person is necessary to make another world possible. This “daydream” and perpetually repeated desire must become an emergency. It must cease to be just a repeated wish and must be done everywhere by any means available. Concrete and effective actions are possible and necessary to start building another human person, educated and committed spontaneously to build another world, a planetary society directed towards fruitful relationships among Humankind and between it and the Earth.
    An inclusive “Sustainable World Social Forum” is now possible and necessary. It is easily achievable through available means today, by the contribution of the participants of the Social Forum of the Internet and the World Forum of Free Media. It is necessary to include all members of the human family. At least anyone who respects the principals, shares values and wishes to participate in the World Social process in the world, and strives to build a world with peace, social justice and human rights.
    A “World Social Contract” is also possible and necessary to define the relationship between the members of the human family, their rights and their obligations, their responsibility and their individual and collective commitment to humanize the world and respect nature. Inspired and framed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the World Social Forum Charter of Principles, this contract will be a reference to ensure inclusion, equality and sustainable empowerment for all, with priority women and children.
    Promoting the “Right to Language” is the major means for the construction of the human person, from conception to majority and maturity. Language is a tool of indispensable basis for the right to education and rehabilitation, communication, information, training and continuing education, also to facilitate conscious and spontaneous participation of all, everywhere in the world. The right to education is possible and necessary to start from the conception of the human being, and not from schooling enrolment entrusted to Sates by article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    Language is a system of phonic signs (speech) or graphic (writing), organized according to strict rules. Only its structured learning and deep study allows going beyond its primary function, communication, to its other crucial functions that are learning knowledge and thinking. It is also the basic tool of individual and social construction and education of the human person, for at least 15-16 years, and the place of expression of one’s thought. It is therefore both, a tool, a means, and an object of study. It also plays a major role in linking the past, present and future, relating generations and peoples.
    The language proficiency and control are at the origin of the emergence of any power. Language is the basic tool and instrument of power, force and counter power. It is the only way to strengthen and effectively enjoy one’s rights, to debate, to discuss, to permanently struggle, to conquer and preserve them. Its absence is at the origin of ignorance, passivity, discrimination, exclusion, and of all suffering and submission. Its handling allows generate continuously a fixed public domain, a common interest and the disclosure of a common culture. It is the cultural, social, political and economic tool par excellence. The power of speech is the key to any authority, common case and active participation in human life. Any social, political and economic promotion involves its preeminence in the discussion and deliberations, contradictory debate and persuasion. The participation of all in the life of the home, the neighborhood, the city, its governance and decision-making, brand continuous modernity and human progress. This is a prerequisite for an ever better option for all at all levels and in all areas of life. Furthermore, it allows opening the way for the construction of a free citizenship and widespread liberation, based on rights and duties, commitment and responsibility.
    Inadequately mastered by parents and those who care for children from birth to maturity, especially mothers, language becomes a major obstacle to their construction and development, and their fair and equal participation in public life. Trapped by poor communication and limits of speech and dialects, exclusion and chronic poverty around them, many children are doomed to suffer the same fate right from their conception. Poor language of their childhood, leads increasingly to misery and exclusion, worsening their situation in the modern world, becoming more and more complex. The difficulty of access to the essential knowledge, activity and their fundamental rights, especially education, continues during their schooling and sinking them into this crippling handicap. This gap departure is often much more difficult to overcome later, leading them to frustration, violence, inaction, failure at school and all that follows in a world gone “village” in the digital age. However, it is impossible to be of it, or to take at least aware, when accumulated knowledge of humankind is edited in some languages, spoken only by a minority elite but largely dominant. It is therefore important and necessary for every human being to master at least one of them, the most used in school and university life of their environment.
    Without mastering of at least one of the languages spoken and written today, it is meaningless to speak of humanity, life, dignity, education, freedom, social justice or equality. Plan and prepare an enabling environment conductive to better life for all, for present and future generations, from the outset until natural death imposes a transition to imminent action and a general permanent mobilization ongoing to build another world and prevent all kinds of exclusion and all forms of inequality and injustice. Prevention is better than cure! It is less expensive too. The path is shortened and softened by the acquisition and accumulation of information, knowledge, intelligence and expertise of multiple agencies and associations, nationally and internationally, already funded by public money and now easily and freely accessible.
    From writing, invented in Iraq some 5-6 thousand years ago, we can have a precise idea on how anonymous human beings proceeded from nothing to make our actual world possible. They could do it by acting, working hard, creating tools, cultivating land and raising animals. They also could improve the organization of their lives and keep growing production to spare more time for their pleasure and other activities. Empowered by a better understanding of nature, accumulated experience, knowledge and wisdom, universal and neutral education, they could develop necessary systems making their lives better and better.
    Calculating space and time, they invented elementary science and technology to satisfy their growing needs. For their comfort and pleasure, they built secure shelter, created clothing, jewelry, works of art, music, literature (The Epic of Gilgamesh). For trade, social peace and justice, they imagined general rules and laws (The Code of Hammurabi). They conceived arms and weapons to defend themselves from nature and neighbors of City-States and Empires (The Akkadian Empire, Sargon’s son was the first man known to inherit power). They tried through different religions to answer questions people ask about life, death and after death, nature (Abraham’s God, the only sacred divinity in the sky that cannot be, or built by a man on Earth). Though they also imagined the circle, the organization of social order took the form of a triangle, a pyramid, characterized by male domination on top, using military violence by a minority to monopolize privileges and vertical decision-making to keep power over the majority of people, controlling the redistribution to confiscate tangible and intangible wealth and knowledge. People rebuilt Civilization many times, in different languages, according to the same principals.
    The invention of the Phoenicians’ alphabetic writing system, that later gave rise to Greek alphabet some 3000 years ago, and the Latin alphabet that is still used for many European languages, revolutionized the accuracy, precision and legibility of the writing system. The new system helped developing knowledge decisively. It also helped sustaining and consolidating the language itself, and the relation between spoken language and written language. As the Greek valued talking about everything, questioning what they thought they knew, arguing about their beliefs, loving to learn from other people and to spread their ideas, the new writing system helped easily spread their culture around the world. We are still using their major terms and words of knowledge and wisdom in many fields, and in many other written languages that became widely known because of writing. We are also still using their arguments about the world itself and its circular organization and movement, truth and mystery, reason and passion, nature and culture, matter and mind, secular and divine, physics and metaphysics, circular or triangular organization form of social order, equality or inequality and sustainable corrupt male domination (anarchy, monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy, democracy…).
    People rebuilt another Iraq some thirteen centuries ago. From Arabic writings this time, we have a precise idea about what human beings can build with action, knowledge and wisdom if united in their diversity and organized, working with harmony in peace and defined rights and justice. After the industrial revolution in England and the French revolution in France, the power relation became advantageous to both countries that rapidly became two modern industrialized empires, inspiring the development of some more nation-states, and controlling rapidly most parts of the world. Connivance of state, capital, private interest, and the usage of military violence helped consolidating minority male domination power all over the world. Women and children still constitute the majority of the victims of exclusion, humiliation, discrimination, violence and mass destruction, crippling tranquillizer elitist paternalism in globalized pyramidal organizations.
    The last reconstruction of Iraq, a century ago, was another demonstration of the ability of Iraqis to unite around the current “Iraqi identity”, which is strong in its historical roots, its ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural pluralism to write a new story and build “Modern Iraq”. Although it is dependent and in “colonial borders”, but with its diversity it could be unite around a new common history to refer to a single community, a “country”. Despite decades of humiliated political subordination, economic exploitation, banditry, extortion, continued mass destruction, desolation, violence, tragic wars, tyranny, terror…, determination is always there to revive reconstruction. The lessons of thousands of years will increase the determination to build another Iraq with new foundations, restarting again from the beginning. A new “Social Contract” is necessary to ensure and guarantee the commitment to build new houses and cities, new institutions and inclusive State that prevent any future devastation and destruction, domestically and internationally.
    The names or titles of male social leaders on top of the pyramidal organizations have changed a lot but their nature is still the same. The world social order, like the old local one, is still hierarchal, social class generator, dominated by tyrannical male people, using power, crime and violence, demagogy and mockery, tricks and secrecy, mystery and mythology, atheistic, polytheistic and monotheistic religions’ literature to scare, maintain, justify and perpetuate their privileges and private interests. Women and children, the overwhelming majority of people, survive in dependence, misery and indignity, enchained in ignorance and exclusion.
    The major obstacle to the reconstruction of Iraq, a massively destroyed country, is the same as that for the construction of another world. It is not only the world domination by Capital, militarized States and private interest, but also above all the passivity, the silence and submission of the majority of the population, as well as the ineffectiveness to combat the exploitation. The urgency is not the deepening of reflection or debate of democratic ideas (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the World Social Forum Charter of Principals are largely sufficient for the time being), but the initiation of concrete and effective actions by the disoriented victims of exclusion, women and children. They are the first concerned and interested to build another society without any exclusion or exception.
    For thousands of years, the process of building civilization has taken place all over the world, many times, and in many languages. Its destruction was often made by the excessive use of force, violence, war, and the folly of domination and social injustice. Although Iraq is almost completely destroyed, it is still possible and necessary to start everything all over again, to rebuild everything. It is urgent. It is also a great symbol for the anonymous Iraqi survivors to rebuild everything once again, hand in hand with all of the members of the human family in the world.
    The association proposes Iraq, cradle of writing and human civilization, as an appropriate symbolic place for the launching of a Sustainable World Social Forum and the construction of the human person determined to achieve the building of a humanized, inclusive and reasonable world, with freedom, equality, solidarity and lasting peace.
    The actual world is impossible to imagine without written and spoken modern languages. Though it endows an extraordinary sum of writings about accumulated knowledge, wisdom, principals and universal human rights literature, it still endures devastated ignorance, craziness, war, terror, violence, injustice, indignity, inequality and mass destruction of human beings and nature. Iraq is a scandalous example of the contradiction between reality and theory, its past and tits present. Inadequate action or inaction, ignorance and craziness have become the rule and not the exception. The systematic mass destruction of human beings, and the damage done to the environment, obliges disoriented victims of exclusion to no longer things wait for “men” of weapon industries and their militarized States. They can nothing expect from the historic champions of hysterical violence, war, barbarism, domination, drainage, confiscation and accumulation of tangible and intangible wealth.
    They simply can move to concrete, possible and necessary actions to meet the major challenges suffered, unbearable but surmountable. By sharing the language with its immense wealth, promoting the language learning as a necessary and an indispensable condition, and tool to the right to education, communication, information, knowledge and thinking, they can emancipate themselves by their own empowerment and self-reliance upon departure. It is also more effective when starting from home with children, from the little world, first school of life and workshop of the construction of the human person, human society and the world. With small and simple means and before schooling, they can put an end to their passivity and submission, and actually rebuild everything over again. By solidarity, universal and neutral education and reeducation, rehabilitation, information, training and continuing training, they can build the abled human person committed to build the desired new World without any exclusion or exception, in dignity, autonomy and independence.
    A standard of simple efforts and achievements is very easy to realize by using the means of language. Empowered women and children can start the building of another human person right from the conception, the very crucial period of human life. The “Right to Language” and to communication is a supplementary fee, a necessary and indispensable condition for the right to education, in order to make relevant, efficient, achievable and effective the rest of the human rights. Preventive, determined, finalized action of all people is required for achieving them, and such action must register in the duration, short, medium and long term. Without neglecting the importance of defensive remedies to the perpetual crises and crimes of the old bitter world, real alternatives must not reduce to rites of support, protest or denunciation, events of commemoration and auto satisfaction, rallies or symbolic celebrations.
    Preventive and determined finalized action of each human person is necessary to truly achieving any objective of common interest. Without neglecting the importance of defensive remedies to the perpetual crises of the persisting old bitter world, real alternatives should not be limited to slogans, chat, support, protest or denunciation, commemorative events or symbolic celebrations. It is necessary to organize finalized continuous actions aiming at the realization of the human rights, independently of militarized states and private interests.
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the United Nations in Paris in 1948, when Member States have pledged themselves to achieve as a common standard of achievement for all peoples, has now the necessary worldwide consensus on a “dream”, a “wish”, that is still waiting to be achieved. The majority of people in the world still ignores all about that literature. Fundamental human rights must be built and realized and not only proclaimed, requested or required, begged or demanded. People can spontaneously, directly promote and protect them, in every language, and stop waiting for Member States, which kept regularly and easily promising to achieve, but never keep their promises. Male power States of any kind have failed. The audio and video communications are widespread all over the world, but they are the basic instruments of misinformation and manipulation of the powerless many by the super powerful few, encouraging passive attitude and diversion of attention, instant fun, dull chat and stupid amusement.
    Many people have already stopped waiting for saviors, donators, indignity and charity, and start getting out of the corrupt vertical pyramidal organizations, building equitable effective horizontal and circular ones instead, where every human member is at equal distance around, being permanently a donator, volunteer and participant. The generalization of practices like that around the world is of great importance and can be encouraged and promoted by a sustainable World Social Forum, in every local language, independently from States and private interests. Sharing language with its immense wealth is the major means necessary for the construction of the human person, and an indispensable tool for education and communication, in the economic, social, political and cultural fields. As any other intangible means, it has become widely and freely available, and unlike tangible means, its sharing poses no problem now, and can bring a lot to all participants. It also plays a major emancipatory role in sharing action, production, consumption, redistribution and decision making, and preserving links between generations and peoples.
    It’s time to promoting sharing, participation, transparency and publicity, solidarity, equitable associative and cooperative economy, equality in rights and duties in all areas, meetings, debate for continuous exchange of experiences, knowledge, information and ideas at home, in its neighborhood and in the city, the practice of town-twining, good governance, self-government, participatory democracy, autonomous and independent effective systems of digital communications… It is possible to empower and consolidate the construction and the sustainable development of the process of humanization of the desired World. The universal and neutral education of minor children can also enhance the values for action, effort, knowledge, reason, wisdom, freedom, equality, autonomy, independence, responsibility, solidarity, cooperation, commitment, self-esteem and respect for the other, love and peace. Moreover, fiercely fight against their opposites. A sustainable World Social Forum is possible and necessary to measure regularly the progress in the direction of the construction of the wanted and desired, possible and necessary new World.
    Women and children constitute the majority of excluded and disadvantaged in the world. Deprived of any progress and stayed away in ignorance, they are easy prey for exploitation and discrimination in the model of male domination and its pyramidal organization. However, they can easily turn into a formidable force for construction, or reconstruction. After massively being equipped by language and knowledge, and permanently mobilized with determination, they can get out of the pyramids by taking action.
    The woman and the child, the person to become male or female, can and ought to end the injustice by installing foundations and the best conditions for their own emancipation in the autonomy and independence. By themselves, they form a sufficient association to prepare and organize spontaneously their final exit from pyramids, poverty and deprivation, restarting everything from the very beginning. They can then reconstruct and securely participate in rebuilding a better world in all areas, a sustainable fair and egalitarian world without hierarchy and without privileges. Mothers in particular have an obligation to do so during their pregnancy, as they have the natural ability to pull out a historical situation suffered, unbearable but surmountable. It is also the duty of their entourage to promote the rights of children and future generations to a dignified life, healthy and prosperous, in peace, love, pleasure and joy.
    Mothers, women, have a singular biological dimension due to the long embryotic period of the child until its beginning in the world. It is to her, and not to man, that nature has entrusted the essential role and the longest work of procreation. Reproducing a human being should not mean owning or possessing but emancipating or release. It is the noblest of all that is done in the same biological conditions and for a period equal to any woman, work by actually fusing her person and all her power. If she shares everything naturally and can produce human, she may best guarantee for continuity after birth to improve, through action and management of its education. She is a sure and effective value for the first two to three years and with the child form a community of rights and duties, a hinge association, vital, caring and responsible, by actually providing food, health, education security and any other necessities. It is through engagement with the person who is the individual she wears long in her womb, she has made the authority and responsibility of its growth, to defend and protect it from its conception until it can see the world, to be able then to become her equal, mature, autonomous, independent and free. After birth, she has only to resist a little further this original release and continue to manage that security. Men have a duty to ensure multiple security, including “language security.”
    Responsibility and commitment of the mother, and anyone else who is actually involved in the daily life of the child, require preventive preparation to pilot education, also to build confidence and to ease before its arrival in society. This is to prepare for the new vital function, that of the teacher, educator, trainer and informant, to update various disciplines to fully assume the governance of the first “school of life”. Starting with the language makes it easier to take a length sufficient advance to meet all the educational needs of the newborn. The pregnancy period is more than enough to start the preparation, review and update to the main level of knowledge necessary for life at present and tomorrow. The child must be able soon to become autonomous and independent, active, alert and reasonable, multidisciplinary educated educator, trainer-shaped, informed informant, coach – driven, “a citizen” in itself, capable to participate fully in the life around. The family home, housing, must be in the image of the best desirable life, from birth to death, the other natural equality. A model of transition to be in the best desired city that ensures a healthy and safe life in the equal conditions for both departure and arrival, the beginning of everyone’s life to a close, natural death. The child must be able to continue in the same direction, focusing on the quality of fair and equitable life, happy and free.
    Humanizing the world is possible and necessary to respect nature. Its confiscation, possession and domination by a minority has been a recent accident of History, a scandal that persists and continues. The world is to reinvent and rebuilt by means of language, education and information, art and culture, by action, knowledge and wisdom. Sharing of intangible wealth, expertise and knowledge is inevitable. It goes on slowly but surely and it is possible and necessary to amplify the process and speed it up. The debate must focus on the safest, most effective and fastest ways to wait for the desired objectives. The emancipation of women and « a vital minimum guaranteed for minors » form an obligatory passage for a planetary society focused on the human being and oriented towards fruitful relations between Humankind and between it and the Earth. It is urgent to devise concrete and effective solutions to take the right direction.

    “Life Homes”, habitat, are possible and easy to build as places of the first schools and workshops for the construction of the human person. The right to education is possible and necessary to start from the conception of the human being at the best conditions. The « Right to Language » during this crucial period intends preparing properly future generations for entry into society through education, so that all members of the human family can be part of the « big world», know, and appreciate effectively, consciously and spontaneously all their rights and fundamental contractual duties. The language, with all its functions and with math, is a basic tool, the instrument of any action and a sine qua non for the right to education. Without its adequate acquisition, it is useless to talk of law, equality, justice, peace, security, freedom or of emancipation.

    A « Life Kit » is easy to prepare and made available to any expectant pregnant woman, as well as any person in charge of children’s education, training, rehabilitation, communication and information. It must contain all information, all necessary data on vital minimum rights guaranteeing safety and security for mothers and children, persons to become men or women. It should be useful in any area, habitat, nutrition, health, educational, economic, social, cultural and environmental, in order to put everyone on a direct line towards the common goal, building another world, easy to do and keep in peace, happiness, and joy and partying.

    A conference-show, « COMMUNICARE LINGUA » (language sharing), is proposed to incite the excluded and the most deprived to act for their emancipation by the easy and simple exploitation of the accumulated historical language wealth, taking the example of the living heir of the ancient languages of Iraq, Arabic. That is recalling its continuity and its long historical evolution, its passage, like any other spoken and written language, from concrete to abstract, to art and literature, from drawing to writing and calligraphy, to call the necessity and importance of the immanent and permanent general mobilization, for the conquest of freedom, equality, peace and all fundamental rights. It is also a call to promote the right to participatory and inclusive higher education, permanent and free, by the creation of « Universal Universities » in all of the languages of the world, to spread knowledge and wisdom and perpetuate and widespread social progress for all, everywhere in the world.