Contribute to the process of the World Social Forum towards the next WSF 2018 in Bahia-Brazil!

26 September 2017

The organizing process of the WSF 2018 is in full swing. It will take place in Bahia-Brazil and all over the world, from 13 to 17 March 2018.

Join an international team that aims to:

  • disseminate information about the WSF process around the world, and about how to participate;
  • contribute to the constructive exchange of experiences between the WSF 2018, the WSF 2016 and other spaces that share the values of the Charter of the WSF.

Transmission in your networks, sharing of experiences and tools, remote support to participants, translations … all contributions are welcome!

Wherever you are in the world, you can get involved in this team that will work mainly on the internet!

The first meeting for this team will take place on Tuesday, October 3 at 1 pm (GMT-4: Bogota / Montreal / New York). Click here for your local time for this meeting.

Please complete this form to share your interest for this group.

This initiative is part of the activities promoted by the Collective for a World Social Transition (CWST) that emerged from the Collective WSF2016 – Montreal and is a member of the International Committee (IC) of the WSF. It is carried by principles of inclusiveness, openness, transparency, horizontality, self-management and independence – and will reflect the collective work of those who will be involved.

It will be in dialogue with the Facilitation Group of the WSF2018 in Brazil, and its activities will be presented at the IC meeting (to be held in October 2017 in Salvador-Bahia) and regularly at CWST meetings.

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