Land grabbing: The need of a global strategy

10 Ago 2016  9h00 - 11h30

The phenomenon of Land Grabbing (LG) is serious: protests, complaints, information campaigns, studies and reprimands multiply; laws, agreements and initiatives are born every day; UN, international organizations, churches, NGOs watch with concern to the LG. However the phenomenon continues. Why? The countries suffering LG cases as the states that cause them, oppose any regulation of the phenomenon; the money involved is enormous; Land is again becoming the pivotal power since it is the source of everything: food, water, minerals, transportation. Topics: (1) The land problem is a global issue and requires global responses: a Global Strategy. (2) A proposal: an acronym of 4 P (Prevention, Planning, Partnerships, Prosecution). (3) Free tools to achieve it: Bibliography, Newsletter, Training all in 4 languages: Spanish, Italian, English, French.

Gian Paolo Pezzi, Comboni Missionaries
10 Ago 2016  9h00 - 11h30
Université du Québec à Montréal – Pavillon PK (Local PK-R650)
201, avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montréal, QC, Canadá
Francés, Inglés, Español
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Jóvenes (18-35 años), Adultos mayores
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30 May 2016
Land grabbing: The need of a global strategy
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