Festive Evening

10 October 2016

You thought it was the end ?

The 2016 edition of the process Forum social mondial 2016 World Social Forum-Canada is about to end but the results of meetings, awakenings , ideas, products during this intense year of activities is only just emerging.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

While we have made ​​the last open meeting of the WSF process in 2016 the last october 1st, we celebrate the end of this process and the beginning of many others in a revolutionary festive atmosphere.

The WSF 2016 collective formed dozens of working groups, self-managed committee , etc. , invite you to come celebrate one last time and why not, achieve the birth of many other projects.

7pm à 3am
Open mic to share future projects or poetry

7pm à 9h30pm
DJ On1t
Dj High Tunes
Dj Zealots

Tropico Bravo

23pm à 3am
Open Jam

Details :
Final sales shirts FSM
Free admission ! Voluntary contribution proposal
Beers on site
accessible entrance for disabled people , for more information , write to [email protected]

Another world is necessary. Together, it is possible.