Citizens from over 120 countries will get together in downtown Montreal for the 12th World Social Forum, held for the first time in a Northern country, from August 9 to 14.

The WSF 2016 is 50,000 people, 1,102 organizations, 1,300 self-managed activities, including artistic and cultural activities, as well as 21 grand conferences held all along during 6 days. Everything is done along 13 themes all across downtown Montreal and its surroundings.

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Paper programming: a printed programming will be available at the registration points of the WSF 2016. Please note that we have printed a limited quantity in order to respect our Charter of Eco-responsibility.

PDF programming available for download (1.2MB)

XLS programming available for download (1,2 MB)

*** Please take note that ever since the paper version of the programming was printed, some changes have taken place. The most recent programming is the one available on the website and is the one that will be available on the application. Thank you for your comprehension.

August 9: An Important Day Open to the Large Public

The day of August 9 will be an important one, inviting all citizens of the Quebec and Montreal regions, all generations considered, to gather around the desire to build a better world and to celebrate the opening day. The WSF is a space that is open to the world and to the social issues of the planet. This day will start at 2 PM at Lafontaine Park and will be animated by numerous artistic activities in a nice festive atmosphere in order to allow everyone to express their wishes for a better world. At 5:30 PM, the day will continue with a grand mobilization walk in downtown Montreal, allowing everyone to carry their wishes and their will to take part in the change. The evening will continue at 7 PM with music at the Place des Festivals with colours and rhythms of the world, animated by many artists.

August 10, 11 and 12

Day: The WSF 2016 is a space that gathers 1,300 self-managed activities organized by 1,102 organizations. Explore all the self-managed activities by clicking on the Activities page.

4 PM: Assemblies of Convergence: Assemblies of Convergence

6 PM: Grand Conferences. Explore all the Grand Conferences by clicking on the Grand Conferences page.

8:30 PM: Cultural programming

Final Moment of August 13 and 14

In collaboration with en collaboration with the Projet Ecosphère

9 AM to 1 PM:

Agora of initiatives for a better world:

Discussion Circles : Presentation of the results of the assemblies of convergence and dialogue period around the proposed initiatives


2 PM to 6 PM:

Festive promotion of the action plans (back to the futur show)



9 AM to 5 PM:

Networks consolidation meetings

9 AM to 5 PM :

Meeting of the International Council of the WSF

1 PM to 3 PM:

Giant and festive potlatch with cultural animations and photo shoots

3 PM to 5 PM :

Collective appropriation of the action plans and building of the shared calendar

7 PM to 9 PM :

Evening of the Wise

9 PM to 11 PM :

Festive event at Jarry Park

9 PM to 1 AM;

Evening of the Alternautes

Methodology of actions

August 13: The Agora of Initiatives for a Better World

9 AM to 11 PM
Jarry Park

GOAL: Stimulate the junction between initiatives and commitment in shared action plans.

The Agora of Initiatives of Saturday has three functions:

  1. To inform the large public of the initiatives discussed during the WSF 2016 during the assemblies of convergence or during the self-managed activities and to commit the participants to these actions (to go from spectator to actor of change);
  2. To stimulate the merger between initiatives;
  3. To promote action plans and to note them on the shared calendar.

It will allow to present the initiatives discussed during the WSF 2016 and to gather participants around action plans. All the bearers of initiatives are invited to meet the other bearers of initiatives to consider the junction and the merger between the actions put forward. The goal is to make links and to eventually combine actions that pursue the same goals, but that have distinct themes. The idea of this agora is to come out with unifying action plans that go over thematic cleavages and sectorial struggles. The Agora will conclude itself by a festive event at Jarry Park, in relation with Projet Écosphère.

August 14: Back to the Future
2 PM to 6 PM
Jarry Park

The last gathering : the start of the commitment that is to come !

On August 14, the last day of the WSF 2016, we will gather to make the beginning of history following the WSF 2016. Let’s launch the call for citizen commitment ! Let’s meet at Jarry Park at 2 PM in order to highlight in a symbolic and festive way the end of our global gathering and the start of our common and future work. In respect to the diversity of initiatives and movements that characterize the WSF, the goal is not to end with a unique and encompassing action plan, but rather, to stimulate the emergence of multiple inter-connected action plans. The key dates of these action plans will be shared on the Global and Social Calendar of Actions, a collective work that will be built by all the participants during the event. Artistic and collaborative demonstrations, followed by a closing indigenous ceremony will inspire us towards a world that is more respectful towards the human and the environment. Let’s celebrate together this pivotal moment that will propel us towards realizing our action plans and will reaffirm the necessity to commit to Another World. The gathering will finish at 6 PM.

The action plans and the Calendar will be presented to the media by the WSF 2016 Collective. It will then be consolidated and promoted on the WSF’s website until the end of 2016. Sunday will be a festive day (Back to the Future show at Jarry Park starting at 1 PM), as well as a mobilization day (Pride Parade in Downtown…) and a day of operational meetings (of networks and of the International Council of the WSF).