Self-directed committees as one of the keys to preparing for the WSF 2016

22 October 2015

The committees bring together people and organizations that are interested in promoting and developing a specific aspect of the WSF content. These could be focused on a theme, an approach, an objective, an action strategy or a target audience. The committees give interested participants a way of bringing together programming activities for WSF 2016. The committees also give us a chance to plan, launch, and promote collective initiatives that will be grounded in the work of the WSF 2016 and will grow beyond this work, including campaigns, movements, events, etc.

While the committees are autonomous and self-directed, they need to ascribe to the values of the WSF (notably openness, inclusion and transparency.) They are directly linked to the Working Groups, and are regularly invited to communicate with the Facilitation Collective. The committees support the integration of participant struggles and projects in the preparation process of the 2016 WSF, through respecting the diversity of people, groups and organizations involved, and in encouraging plurality in styles of action, expression and structure.

Existing committees

There are currently three active committees:

Please don’t hesitate to contact them to receive information about their projects, their work, and how to get involved.

Other committees that will soon have their first meetings:

We wish to thank AQOCI and the Centre for Sustainable Development for allowing us to use their spaces for our meetings.

Is it possible to create other committees?

Of course! There is no limit to the number or diversity of committees. Some are in preliminary stages and some are in planning stages: the Feminism Committee, the Aboriginal Committee, the Media Committee, the Education Committee, the International Solidarity Committee, and the Migration and International Mobility Committee. Multiple committees can work on the same themes, or on interrelated themes.

To get involved in these committees, or to propose new ones, contact Étienne :

Are there other types of committees?

Yes, there are committees that bring together local people and organizations in their communities. These committees will be further explained in our next newsletter.