Participative Finance Comes to the World Social Forum 2016

24 September 2015

Ulule becomes a partner of the World Social Forum 2016

In order to finance the projects that will be registered in the World Social Forum 2016 (WSF 2016), the WSF 2016 Collective is joining forces with the participative financing platform Ulule. Following a meeting with Ulule’s Montreal team last August, a partnership agreement has followed.

Participative financing, or crowdfunding, is a new way to publicly fund projects. This alternative mechanism allows for the collection of money from a large public in order to finance an artistic, cultural, social, or entrepreneurial project. Active since 2010 in this sector,  the platform Ulule has already made the financing of more than 10,000 projects successful, collecting a total of more than $42 million.

For the WSF 2016, hundreds of initiatives are in preparation, some of which could benefit from participative financing campaigns. In practice, the WSF 2016 Collective has identified two types of eligible projects:

  • Coming from organizations present at the WSF 2016 (organization of events or specific publications)
  • Mobility of the International Community (travel expenses, particularly for organizations from the South)

Raphaël Canet, co-coordinator of the WSF 2016 Collective, declares, “Aid from participative financing seems natural to us with the aim of a citizen collectivization of the events of the WSF 2016. With this evidence, we wish to put in place a true Solidarity Fund.” This will encourage the mobility of the international community through participation in the WSF 2016 from the Southern collectives. The communities of the North often have greater resources than those of the South, so the Collective does this for reasons of fairness. Representatives from collectives will be able to root their social transformation actions during and after the WSF 2016.

About the WSF

The largest gathering of global civil society will take place in Montreal from August 9-14, 2016. This event will enter into history as the first time that the WSF will take place in a Northern country since its inception in 2001 in Porto Alegre (Brazil). Between 50,000 and 80,000 people are expected to attend in downtown Montreal, coming from nearly 5,000 organizations from local and global civil society to participate in more than 1,500 workshops, conferences, and artistic activities. The WSF 2016’s objective is to construct a sustainable and united world where each person and all peoples have their place and can make their voices heard in the search for concrete solutions.

Source: WSF 2016 Collective in Québec

Details: Raphaël Canet (514-883-9594), Carminda Mac Lorin (514-381-7090)