August 11, 2016 ; the activities continue

10 August 2016

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World Social Forum 2016

August 11, 2016 ; the activities continue

Montreal, August 9, 2016The World Social Forum (WSF) is proud to do an overview of the many conferences and activities that will take place during the day of August 9. There are several hundreds of self-managed activities, as well as around forty cultural activities and more than twenty art and photography expositions that will take place around the World Social Forum territory in downtown Montreal.

Press conference

Thursday August 10th the grand conferences will be preceed by a press conference. This will be held at “La Maison du développement durable”, at 50, rue Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Urban room. World social forum co-coordinator Carmina Mac Lorin will be present to answer the questions to the medias. We will also have five spokepersons for this conference.

Naomi Klein: The need for a justice-based Leap to a post-carbon economy in Change the system, not the climate !


Chantal Santerre: Truths and lies on public debt.


Riccardo Petrella: Education, environment and eco-citizenship : the art of living together.

Rami Ayari : Stronger than hate: the struggles and achievements of the LGBT community.

Marianne Corvellec : Un autre monde numérique est nécessaire :
avec le logiciel libre, il devient possible !

Grand Conferences

On August 11, seven Grand Conferences with special guests in their fields who will come from all over the world will take place. the Grand Conferences will happen from 6 PM to 7:30 PM, in seven different places.


The World Social Forum is proud to receive Naomi Klein, author and activist, during the conference Change the System, Not the Climate ! that will take place at UQAM, at the Marie-Guérin-Lajoie room (Judith Jasmin wing). She will be accompanied by Tadzio Muller, from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung- Germany, who is also a co-animator of the Climat 21 Coalition concerning the mobilizations against coal power plants in Germany, by Maité Llanos, a labour union militant from Latin America and a member of the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, concerning the free link between exchange/environment, by Anne Céline Guyon of Stop oléoducs sur la mobilisation citoyenne au Québec contre le pipeline Énergie Est and by Clayton Thomas-Muller, previous spokesperson of Idle No More and campaigner at, concerning the importance to stop oil sands and to counter extractivism, from the perspective of the First Nations.

UQAM will also be a host at the Alfred Laliberté studio-theater, for the conference Education, Environment and Eco-citizenship: the Art of Living Together. Many speakers will be present, including Riccardo Petrella, a political scientist, an economist and an environmentalist. He is also a Doctor of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Florence and advocates for the World Water Compact and the UN recognition of the universal right to access to drinking water, Lucie Sauvé, professor in the Didactics department of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) and director of the Educational Research and Training Center on environmental and eco-citizenship education, and Robert Litzler, who holds a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Strasbourg and taught for thirty years at Cégep de Rosemont, as well a being thee President of the Quebec Association for the promotion of education on the environment (AQPERE).


The Monument National (Ludger-Duvernay room) will welcome the conference Palestinians Under Apartheid, Occupation and Siege, where three Palestinian panelists of different religions and circumstances living under the Israeli domination will talk about their experiences. They will address the difficulties and the problems which Christians when living under such a domination, the way Israel treats the Palestinian citizens. They will also talk about the illegal and inhuman Israeli blockade against Gaza, as well as its effects on the population.


For this second day of Grand Conferences, Rami Ayari, founding member of Without Restrictions, working for the defense of LGBT rights in Tunisia, Ahmed Ben Amor, vice president of the Shams Association, the first openly LGBT association in Tunisia and in the Arab World, and Maurice Thomlinson, Jamaican lawyer and specialist in LGBT rights in the world, will discuss of past struggles and will assess what worked well and what did not work well for the LGBT during the Stronger than Hate: the Struggles and Achievements of the LGBT Community conference.


The Age of Humanity: Let’s Build a Political Community of Humanity United in its Diversity will take place at the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT). Beyond stimulating a reflection period amongst the participants and launching a debate on identity and our future as species, the goal of this conference is to put forward a political initiative, a societal project with a global reach. Chico Whitaker, Brazilian anti-globalisation activist of the Workers Party in Brazil, one of the organizers of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre and executive secretary of the Brazilian Commission on Justice and Peace, Alexandre Warnet, humanity thinker and communicator, founder of Humanité Unie, member of the board of directors of the World Social Forum 2016, his professional career brought him to work at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Augustin Antoine, professor and socialist, will be the speakers during this conference that will be animated by Cathy Wong, president of the Conseil des Montréalaises.


Concordia will also hold a conference in the Hall H-110 wing. Truths and Lies on Public Debt will take place with the financial economy professor at the Université de Paris XIII and spokesperson of Attac France, Dominique Plihon. He will be accompanied by Maria Elena Saludas, coordinator of Attact Argentina, Chantal Santerre, member of the board of directors of Attac Quebec and Maud Bailly, co-secretary general of CADTM Belgium.


Finally it is at the Leacock wing of McGill University that the conference Another Digital World is Needed: with Free Software, it is Possible! will be held with Marianne Corvellec, holder of a doctorate in statistical physics from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. She is a data analyst for the Emerging Technologies and Data Science team. She is also specialized in software development. The founding president of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, will also be present. He founded the movement for free software in 1983 and launched the GNU system of exploitation in 1984.


Especially for August 11, an eighth partner conference will also be presented at the Faculty of Law of McGill University. From Global to Local: The Importance of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to Reconciliation in Canada is organized in partnership with the World Federalist Movement – Canada, the professor Catherine Lu of the Institute for the Study of International Development of McGill University and the professor Payam Akhavan of the Faculty of Law of McGill.


Hundreds of self-managed activities by organizations from all over the world

The WSF 2016 is a space that gathers self-managed activities that are organized by 1,102 organizations. These activities will concern different themes related to current topics like the democratization of knowledge and the right to communicate, economic, social and solidary alternatives facing the capitalist crisis, and the defense of the rights of nature and environmental justice. In total, many subjects that will be addressed during discussions, conferences and workshops will stem from these 13 themes.


Organizations like the Fédération des femmes du Québec, Équiterre, the Festival du cinéma engagé, the RDIM, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, the Institut du Nouvea Monde, the International Panel on Social Progress, the Observatoire jeunesse Oxfam-Québec, and many others will take part in the WSF this year.

Cultural activities for everyone

During the day, there will also be many artistic performances, plays, dance, music and action. A capoeira show for culture, democracy and human rights, a writing workshop for justice and peace and many musical performances, as well as a vowel chant, this day will offer many activities. The cultural activities will take place between the Monument National, the Place de la paix, the Scène de la Place du Village and Sainte-Catherine street.

Many screenings of documentaries will take place starting at 9 AM and will majoritarely be screened at the Sainte-Catherine Theatre and at the Mai. Many screenings will occur with the presence of the directors, including A Roadmap to a Better Future, by Arthur Kanegis and Voix d’Amazonie by Lamia Chraibi, whereas other screenings will be followed by a discussion with the public. A discussion will be animated by Sheila Laursen and Elizabeth Veniza from the Montreal Raging Grammies, following the screening of the documentary Granny Power – The Film. Five other screenings will take place during the day.

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Representatives of media will be invited to a press conference at the Société des Arts technologiques (SAT) on August 11 at 8:15 AM to do an overview of the activities that will take place during the day

World Social Forum

The World Social Forum is the largest gathering of civil society that aims to find solutions to the problems of our time. Created in 2001 in Brazil, the WSF gathers several tens of thousands of participants for more than a thousand activities (workshops, conferences, artistic performances…) centred on different themes (social development, solidary economy, the environment, human rights, democratization…).



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