Starting today: reduce your carbon footprint on our common home!

27 May 2016

Logo_Arbre-EvolutionArbre-Évolution (AE) and the 2016 World Social Forum hosts have decided to collaborate to help reduce your carbon footprint in the best possible way. Through AE’s social reforestation program, all trees financed by your contributions will be planted in community projects. This program aims to ensure that all planted trees effectively meet local needs pertaining to both the environment and the community.

Since tree-planting seasons differ from one territory to another, reforestation periods will vary accordingly and could extend up to spring 2017. AE will produce a complete reforestation report for each territory (Québec and Nicaragua). These reports will be transmitted by email shortly after completion of each reforestation period.

The detailed report includes the following :

  • Presentation of hosting entities ;
  • Description of social and environmental benefits of each reforested site ;
  • Geolocalization map ;
  • Technical data on carbon sequestration, tree quantities and species ;
  • Photos of tree-planting activities ; and
  • Press review.

For more information on this topic: click here!