Understanding Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights

Aug 12 2016  14:00 - 16:00

In 2014, Brazil approved a Federal Law, the Marco Civil da Internet, regarded around the world as a pioneering legislation and christened the Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights. It is main aim is to establish rights and guarantees to Brazilian internet users. However, since then, this law has been challenged by many judicial decisions regarding, among other issues, intermediaries liabilities, net neutrality, and blocking of apps. During the World Social Forum, ITS Rio would like to offer an open conference, via the internet, to discuss the history of Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights and its current situation.

Sergio Branco, ITS Rio
Ronaldo Lemos, ITS Rio
Carlos Affonso Souza, ITS Rio
Manuela Curcio, ITS Rio
Celina Bottino, ITS Rio
Mario Viola, ITS Rio
Fabro Steibel, ITS Rio
Aug 12 2016  14:00 - 16:00
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15 May 2016
Understanding Brazil's Internet Bill of Rights
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