The ‘new anti-Semitism’ or the ‘new McCarthyism’? The Israel Lobby’s war on Palestine Solidarity and How Best to Resist

Aug 11 2016  10:15 - 11:30

The ‘new anti-Semitism’ is described by Israel’s supporters as the “delegitimization”, “demonization” and alleged use of “double standards” against Israel used by advocates for Palestinian human rights.

Any and all criticism of the Israeli state and its policies has been responded to by Israel’s supporters as constituting one of these three forms of the ‘new anti-Semitism’. This has led a growing number of experts on this issue to see the ‘new anti-Semitism’ as merely an invention by Israel’s lobbyists used to silence criticism of Israel’s behaviour.

Three experts on the issue of Israel-Palestine and the ‘new anti-Semitism’ will engage in a roundtable discussion, followed by a Question and Answer session. Their talks will touch on the current realities in Israel-Palestine, how civil society has responded globally, how Israel and its lobby groups have tried to silence this response, and how we can overcome this McCarthyist campaign against our civil liberties.

Yakov Rabkin, Université de Montréal
Diana Ralph, Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Michael Keefer, University of Guelph (retired)
Fabienne Presentey, Voix juives indépendantes Canada
Aug 11 2016  10:15 - 11:30
Cégep du Vieux Montréal (Local 214)
255, Rue Ontario E
Montréal, QC, Canada
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4 August 2016
The 'new anti-Semitism' or the 'new McCarthyism'? The Israel Lobby's war on Palestine Solidarity and How Best to Resist
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