La géopolitique mondiale du chaos organisé. Recolonisation de l’Afrique, film Africom “Go home foreign bases out of Africa”

Aug 11 2016  9:00 - 11:30

L’avènement de l’AFRICOM, son décryptage et celui des rivalités
et visées impérialistes sur le continent, mais aussi leur
surveillance réciproque et leurs contradictions dans la lutte contre
le terrorisme. La dénonciation de l’ extension rampante et faussement
humanitaire de l’AFRICOM en Afrique et sa position en Allemagne ainsi
que dans toute une série de bases.
Les contradictions des africains
et leurs organisations à se défendre contre les conflits liés au
pillage des ressources et l’accès au territoire
La nécessité de
la résistance panafricaine et internationaliste et la repolitisation
démocratique de notre jeunesse


*Suivi d’une discussion publique

This video helps us to understand events arising out of the “AFRICOM
Go Home” Declaration and what has been achieved since then. It
shines a spotlight on the history and evolution of imperialistic,
neocolonial military forces within Africa over the last fifty years,
as well as the responsibility to protect.
It unpacks AFRICOM and how
it came into existence, what it means and provides a way of
interpreting imperialist rivalries and ambitions on the continent,
including why they spy on each other and exposing the contradictions
that have surfaced in the “fight against terrorism”.
It articulates
disbelief in claims of humanitarian goals by those who established
AFRICOM for Africa after building a whole network of bases stretching
as far as Germany. 
It explores contradictions that also arise
between Africans and within African organizations as they try to
defend themselves within a context of conflicts tied to the pillage of
their resources and the appropriation of their ancestral lands.
examines the urgent need for panAfrican and internationalist
resistance as well as the re-politicization of our Youth for future

*Followed with public discussion

Aziz S. Fall, CIRFA
Aug 11 2016  9:00 - 11:30
Université Mcgill – Pavillon Leacook ( Local 26)
855, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montréal, Qc, Canada
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La géopolitique mondiale du chaos organisé. Recolonisation de l’Afrique, film Africom "Go home foreign bases out of Africa"
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