Cooperatives and the Commons

Discussion workshop
Aug 12 2016  9:00 - 11:00

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This session will bring together commoners and cooperators for discussion and debate on the opportunities and challenges in bringing together movements for the progressive development of p2p/commons models, open coops, platform cooperativism and advancing their role in creating real collaborative and sharing economies.

We welcome participation of activists working with Cooperative, Social Solidarity Economy and Commons movements with an interest in sharing, learning and exchanging ideas, insights and experience.

The session will begin with a short panel presenting a number innovative initiatives and topics for discussion before opening the discussion to the floor.

As part of the program of the Commons Space this is a key moment to network and we aim to make a collective contribution on these topics to the convergence process.

For those new to this topic and interested in finding out more we recommended reading –

Report: A New Alignment of Movements? by David Bollier and Pat Conaty

A New Alignment of Movements? Part I: The General Challenge

Toward an Open Co-Operativism by Pat Conaty and David Bollier

Toward an Open Co-Operativism

PLATFORM COOPERATIVISM: Challenging the Corporate Sharing Economy by Trebor Scholz


Kevin Flanagan, P2P Foundation
Jason Nardi, Ripess
Stephanie Rearick, Mutual Aid Networks
Discussion workshop
Aug 12 2016  9:00 - 11:00
936 av. Mont-Royal Est, 2e étage
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Target audiences
General, Children, Youth (13-17 years old), Youth (18-35 years old), Seniors / Elders, Women, Workers, Peoples with disabilities, Indigenous, LGBT, Racialized people, People with precarious situation
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25 July 2016
Cooperatives and the Commons
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Remix the commons
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Economic, Social and Solidarity Alternatives facing the Capitalist Crisis
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