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Artistic performance / cultural activity
Jul 08 2016  17:00 – 23:00

A 2 days art event in Porto Alegre (Brazil) 7 & 8th of July 2016
with artist Thomas Kilpper, Grupo Etcetera & Frans Jacobi/Synsmaskinen.

The “crisis of representation” is growing and the diffuse dialectical confrontation of “two models” is right now in tension on the political -and social- sphere. Democracy and all its institutions are in a critical moment. In this event we attempt to analyze the World Social Forum as a model of political representation – what remains of such counterforce process today? and how such alternative models has been working before and how they might apply in contemporary situations – as the current political crisis in Brazil or the refugee/financial crisis of Europe.

Can we create a temporary platform to discuss these current events as seen from ‘the position of multiple utopias’? Where is the site for utopias -and alternative models- right now, when the reality show a deep and strong social division, a violent division?

Frans Jacobi, Synsmaskinen, artist group
Thomas Kilpper, artist
Loreto Garin, Grupo Etcetera, artist group
Frederico Zukerfeld, Grupo Etcetera, artist group
Artistic performance / cultural activity
Jul 08 2016  17:00 – 23:00
Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre, Brazil
English, Spanish, Portugese
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12 July 2016
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Frans Jacobi
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Cultural, Artistic and Philosophical Expressions for Another Possible World
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