Challenges of Emergence in Africa.

14 Juil 2016 – 10 Août 2016  9h30 – 14h00

Africa is a continent poised with many riches in natural resource and a potential work force of youth ….but still the continent is doomed to development and lots of challenges in its growth ( Emergence) every state and institutions have set plans and strategies to scale up to the rand of developed nations ….but still , whooping ills and challenges still keeps them a long way to reality …
The youths and old from various part of the continent and beyond will be gathering this summer in the central African region state of Cameroon to debates and find solutions as well as recommendations to the part of sustainable development.
Join the team of Acean Model United Nations in Douala …Cameroon and African Embassy Association in finding sustainable solutions and recommendations to the challenges of emergence in Africa.

Public Ambassador Colpas Kari , African Cultural Embassies
Plenipotentiary Minister Tata Solomon , Ministry of External Relations – Cameroon
14 Juil 2016 – 10 Août 2016  9h30 – 14h00
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20 June 2016
Challenges of Emergence in Africa.
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African Cultural Embassies
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Colpas kari
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