Another Economy is Possible ! Building the Solidarity Economy in the U.S.

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10 Août 2016  13h00 - 15h30

Another Economy is Possible — and is being constructed, brick by brick, all over the world, including in the U.S., the belly of the beast. The solidarity economy is emerging everywhere, based on the values of cooperation, equity in all dimensions, economic and political democracy, sustainability, and diversity. Come and learn from activists in the U.S. solidarity economy movement about the key role that feminist, anti-racist, anti-classist and environmental movements are playing in constructing the next economy. Find out about the broad range of solidarity economy (SE) practices and institutions that already exist in the U.S. Learn about emerging regional SE networks, and how to be part of the exciting process of mapping the U.S. solidarity economy. Connect to the U.S. Solidarity Economy Network (SEN) and our regional members, as a U.S. group or an individual, or share your SE best practices and networking experiences from another country or continent.

Julie Matthaei, Boston Area Solidarity Economy Network ; Wellesley College ; U.S. Solidarity Economy Network (SEN) Board
Jeuji Diamondstone, Worcester Solidarity & Green Alliance (SAGE) ; Worcester Roots ; U.S. SEN Board
Micky Metts, Worker-Owner, ; U.S. Federation of Worker Coops ; Emissay to Platform Cooperativism Consortium ; SEN Board
Zara Serabian-Arthur, Worker-Owner, Meerkat Media ; SolidarityNYC ; Cooperative Economic Alliance of NYC
John Bloch, Vermont & Montepelier Progressive Party ; Montpelier Planning Commission
Table ronde
10 Août 2016  13h00 - 15h30
Université du Québec à Montréal – Pavillon A (Local A-2845)
400, rue Sainte-Catherine Est
Montréal, QC, Canada
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Publics cibles
Général, Jeunes (18 à 35 ans), Femmes, Travailleurs et travailleuses, Autochtones, Personnes racisées
Activité étendue sur internet
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20 June 2016
Another Economy is Possible ! Building the Solidarity Economy in the U.S.
Organisation responsable de l'activité
U.S. Solidarity Economy Network
Administrateurs du groupe
Julie Matthaei
Alternatives économiques, sociales et solidaires face à la crise capitaliste
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Développer des compétences / Former
Réseauter / rencontrer
Proposer / Développer des alternatives
Développer des partenariats / Constituer des alliances
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